BUY SBIN State Bank Of India Shares for the targets 170 followed by 196 to 208+. Overall 260 to 296 for pure delivery. Our report as on 27 MAY 2020

At INDIARIGHTNOW.COM we are advising it to BUY SBIN : State Bank Of India shares at CMP 151.40 for the pure delivery target of 170 followed by 196 to 208+, and overall investment target 260 to 296 + in our exclusiove report as on 27 May 2020 Wednesday at 0800 HRS IST

SBIN is trading at value buying rates around 150 to 152 as on 27 May 2020 opn NSE and BSE exchanges.

SBIN is like boss of all PSU banks in India, and holds majority of banking individual and corporate customer base than any other existing banks these days. But due to health issue globally and other issues arising out of it, the banking sector, especially PSU GOVT banks, are felling pressure along with or more than any other industrial or service sectors in India and globally these days.

Fundamentally SBI is very strong and its strengths are rising net cash flows for its operations, strong annual EPS growth, growing quarterly net profits YOY, increasing revenue YOY and also a company with ZERO promoter pledge. Also TTM EPS growth is high, QoQ profit margins, also profit is increasing QoQ steadily, book value is also improving, and these are the enough reasons to trust and BUY this value stock at the best rates of last 5 years.

Also technically this share is oversold and also many indicators are improving, and suggesting a good buy ON ACCUMULATION basis.

We are hereby suggesting it a BUY with the targets given above. But buy with the proper planing as per your personal budget and strategies until the health issue globally situation becomes normal. As fast as the situation will become normal, the faster the speed it will adopt to rise. It is trading at 151.40 today, but if in case it fall to even 135 125, just keep on accumulating this gem, and but it at each rise as well for the target given above.

* NOTE : The advise given above are confidential and for our personal use, hence we are not liable for any loss or profit that may happen with your trades. But we are proving us sure shot accurate with each targets we have given till date.


has pne way rose up to 163 today, means 13 RS earning in just 24 HRS