BREAKING NEWS: Now Facebook will warn you while you go to share 3 months old news, post or article

Facebook is going to add a new feature very soon. As per that, if a Facebook user will try to share any kind of news, article or blog that is older than 90 days, than a pop-up window will open up and ask the user that whether they still want to share the same material. The user will have 2 options to click Go back Or to Continue.

The post will be shared again only once the user opt for Continue. This step is being taken to take a halt on spreading of fake news and misunderstanding etc among public, society and other users

Facebook said these kinds of old stories may harm and create misunderstandings due to old or fake news which are the past, as people go on reading these things faster but mostly people at large do not care to check the original date publish or publication of the said material. So, by taking this into action, it will create awareness and alertness among the public, readers and users and they will decide what type of material to read and to react to them. They will be clear in mind that what kind of material should read and to share as well. This will bring awareness to society at large.

This action is also being taken by Facebook to avoid and control fake news especially in these kids of health situation globally. So, people can stay away from these sorts of news and remain peaceful. Although no any official confirmation is not provided, this can be the new feature soon.

This kind of safety announcement was also came from Twitter as well, where Twitter urges user to read the Tweet or news themselves first and after that only user should post it, if the user himself find it right and useful.