Are you sure you are safe and secure while using your beloved mobile phone.. Just dial this simple number and check SAR level value of your cell phone an be safe

Have you ever heard about SAR means Specific Absorption Rate.. It is one type of measure by using that we can know the actual energy that is being absorbed by the human body and mind while exposing to the radio frequency electromagnetic field, for example, your body's exposure to these type of frequency while using your mobile phone at a time.


Do you know that it is very very risky and dangerous of using high SAR value mobile phone which has more than 1.6 W/Kg. SAR value. By using SAR, we can know it very easily that which cell phone or other like wise instrument is spreading how much radiation. You can dial only one single simple number on your mobile phone and can know how much is the SAR value of your cell phone.


Let us know more about this SAR and how to check it on your device.


FCC means Federal Communications Commission from U.S.A. has decide the level of max SAR value to be applicable with any cell phones worldwide for user safety. As per their study, no cell phone device should have SAR level higher than 1.60 W/Kg. If your cell phone that you are using at almost every few minutes will be having higher SAR value than mentioned than it can be the root cause of many risky decease to your body and health. It is also sometimes said that radiations coming out while using cell phones can also cause you a fatal decease like cancer also. In fact nothing like this has been fully proved and approved, but after all it is your life and you should always be careful about it. So let us see how you also can easily check the SAR value of your cell phone.

Just DIAL - *#07# on your cell phone and you will see a display of SAR level units and measurements etc and all on your screen.


There you will also see that it will specially be mentioned about the exact and actual SAR level of your cell phone that you are using.

You can also check the SAR level of your phone at the time of your billing and when you purchase. It will must be there upon along with the phone specification or so or elsewhere, but it would have surely mentioned there only. Now a days phone manufactures also giving these SAR details of their handsets on their websites.


So guys just do not forget to check your cell phone SAR when you start using that or while you purchase, and always stay happy and healthy from these sort of high risky radiations.


We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.