Learn how to earn online in stock markets in any bad or good conditions with these tips

• Be a good investor. Patience, satisfaction, dare to be stable in panic, foresight, logical trading, having proper margin and fund, avoiding rumors, self belief, selecting strong companies, avoid hard gambling ( intraday is good but it must not be blind gamble), pre-study before trading, regularly booking profits, avoiding extra out of the capacity trading, believing in self while crowd is following panic and rumors, avoid trading blindly in any company without knowing about it and following false advice and news, are such principles and qualities of good trader and investor. 


• Buy when everyone are selling in panic and sell off or book profits when others are aggressively buying at peak. Follow strict strategy and leave emotions at home while dealing in stock markets.


• Never place a trade out of your capacity. If you have 10000 Rs budget for trading in stock market, than always spend only 60% of it to buy delivery and keep rest 40% as reserved amount to use it if in case market (or the stock that you purchased) fall down more, so you can have good average if you use those 40% at averaging, and eventually you costing would have came down.


• Trade in F&O segment or call and put options only if you have enough margin fund and reserve fund for M to M fund too, or never trade in F&O segment if your risk taking capacity is low or if you get panic without reason or so. Trade only if you can see any up or down in market. Never keep on averaging lots in F&O segment as everyone can see open positions etc in that segment and big players only would survive at last.


• Never invest whole amount only in single stock until you are damn sure about that particular stock. You always should invest in variety of sectors and companies. Your ideal portfolio should consist of various sectors which are expected to grow gradually or as per reports by experts.


• Never ever believe in rumors, until you are not sure and until you do not get sure shot confirmation of reliability of that rumor or news. It is better to buy at higher cost with due confirmation of news rather than buying blindly at low rates without being sure about that news or rumor.


• Never believes in or follow TV experts or anyone like those blindly. If they are damn sure and 101% right on their views that why they will waste of their valuable time in giving you tips? Rather if they are damn confident on their advice, than they only will buy in bulk and keep earning rather than giving you tips and advice for nothing and for free. Understand this logic, do not go with crowd, walk alone with due study and keep earning.


• Book profit if you are getting 5 to 10 % in single stock out of your portfolio. Chances are there that if a given stock have rose up sharply to 105 than it may fall down 3 to 5% due to profit booking or after the news or so cools down. If it will rise more to 10% than do not repent over that profit which you kissed to earn. If you will keep feeling repenting than you will going on with that for life time because you will meet that sort of things daily in stock market. Forget it and concentrate on portfolio.


• Always try to trade in A group stock or fundamentally sound, popular companies only which have good demand among investors and have good daily volume.• Always keep eye on your portfolio and stocks and markets worldwide even when you are damn busy or travelling or so, because you have invested your hard earned money and you must keep in touch with markets and keep watching markets, news, scenarios and everything pertaining to that.

• Try to have max 20 stocks in your portfolio, so you won’t be confused among so many stocks and can easily and accurately concentrate on your favorite selected 20 stocks. One more benefit of trading and investing in only 20 stocks is that you will gradually become master of the movements and volatility of those stocks and you will easily be able to buy and sell at best rates with time.


• Experts always advice to be invested for long and to be long term investor. And I also say it is good, always good. But my other personally view is that you must keep churning your portfolio and must keep booking profits as and when you reach at targets for certain particular stock or valuation of whole portfolio as a whole. It will balance your portfolio and will also help to reduce risk, if any sudden, over the time and will make you feel safe also.


• Always buy value stocks, no matter how cheap or costly they are at any given time. If markets will go up, they will give you best genuine profit. But you will also feel safe, satisfied and secure if markets will fall, you will be able to sleep peacefully at least just because you will be holding genuine, value stocks in your portfolio and you will always feel hopeful and blessed that it will overcome your costing as soon as markets fare well.


• It is good to check fundamental strength of stock before investing, but once you invest, also check it regularly o technical basis also, and should always book profits when technical charts suggest some sell off pattern and should buy back when it suggests buy signal, and by this way you will be cutting your buy costing on regular basis gradually and so the ration of your profits will be widen.


• Check track reports of adviser if you are following to any. Just check how safely he is making you earn in good or even bad markets as well. Check how safe stock s is he advising to buy for investments or even for 30 minutes gambling on intraday basis. For example WWW.INDIARIGHTNOW.COM is the most reliable website till now which given almost only A group stock advice only, and holds 101% accuracy ratio and provide 100% FREE tips relating to Indian Stocks, Nifty, World Stock Markets Indices and Free Personalized Service also.


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We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


How to earn in stock markets by these tricks, tips and targets in any conditions