You can study in these well developed counties for almost free or no fees, for education best for Indian students and for all..

Education is the prime base which makes human intelligent, clever, successful, educated in life and it becomes the base overall life routine till he lives. Today we can see many problems and issues in society at large due to lack of education mainly along with other lacking factors too. But suppose if poverty etc are not in our control, definitely education is in our hands and control only at some extent. But than too everyone is not able to get in even basic education also, and some can not go through the full education till graduation or higher studies in today's time also.



But apart from these issues, if we talk about higher education before or after graduation, not everyone get the opportunity to pursue ahead due to lots of problems and challenges like family issues, other personal issues or say due to shortage of money for higher education. These days craze of higher studies in foreign countries are growing faster among Indian students, but not each and everyone get chance to go and study at their favorite university because each of them may do not be having proper funding or source of loan to go and study and get well educated till they want.


Going places for study, knowing their culture, to adjust, to learn, to live free life and to get well educated is everyone's dream, but when it comes to bear all those high expenses like fees for studying in foreign prestigious universities and to spend for living expenses are not the cup of tea for everyone who dreams.But here are some reliefs for those who wants to get higher education at lowest or minimal expenses only. Few European and other countries provides almost free education or with just minimum tuition fees, and some of them also provides basic facilities like food, residence and all to it's students.


So lets discuss about these 7 well developed countries where education till end is almost free or with just minimal fees, that's it :)



When it comes to best education facilities with awesome basic facilities than Germany is a top to provide world class education facilities at very lowest cost and fees or if we say, very minimum or no fees basis. Almost each and every university in Germany do not charge a buck also to any student from local to foreign ones, however some of them charge some fees but you can say its only basis fees or for some basic facilities only and that also maximum 170$ to 300$ ( 11000 to 20000 INR ) only for a year and that is really so much good for those who wants to survive to get education these days on so costly countries. In such a lowest fees, we also do study in our Indian colleges also.



Norway is among those countries which is famous and favorite destination for international student where graduation and post-graduation courses and even doctorate programs are totally free of cost no matter which nation are you from or from which cast, creed or color, but only and only single condition to avail these facilities is that you must be so much proficient in their local national language, so you better learn it before you plan to go there for study and to get these basics for free.


Not all universities of Sweden do not provide free facilities like universities of Germany and Norway, but they do charge some fees like fees for tuition and admissions and various related applications. For European Union and some countries all these basis are also free but they do charges these type of minimal fees from the students coming from non EU and EEA countries, though Sweden offers PhD degrees for free to all international students who comes from anywhere. They also pay you for some courses as salary on earn while you learn basis.


Austria is so beautiful and clean country where you can feel nature and heaven are same in front of your eyes. Many filmy folks visit it and have done lots of film shoots here. So to stay here and learn is like a cream on ice. Like Sweden, Austrian universities also fees to non EU and EEA student ranging from 800 to 900 US$ which equals to 53000 to 62000 INR.


Till now education at all levels for any international students from any nation of the words was totally free of cost along with hostel and food facilities too. But from year 2017 academic year, Finland universities have started to change nominal fees from the non EU and EEA students for programs like Masters and Bachelors Degrees and so.


If you know the local language of this country very well and can speak fluently than you can study and stay here at free of cost in universities campuses. This is the basic law in relation to education in this land. But if you know the local language and than too you want to study the same course in English language than only you will need to pay fees that will be approximately 80000 INR ( 1230 US$) as tuition fees and all.


Schooling and higher degree education is totally free in France but some public universities charge only minimal tuition fees, that is it.


Fees are nil for any international student who comes to Belgium for higher studies, but at some universities they charge only minimal fees for year or whole course. Apart from that one can enjoy very different and cool culture of this country here.



Greece is known as the land of Gods. There are very beautiful sights and historical places all over the country which adds flavor with doing studies here. Universities in Greece charge very low fees for tuitions and all and the main thing is for students is that the cost of living, stay and food are so easy and minimal, so one can study here without much tension of existence and money.



Spain is already popular for its food and culture and living. But Spain universities provide free of cost education to only European Union citizens only. But they also provide same education to out side students at very low cost for tuition and other fees. The cost of living is also reasonable here that one can easily survive here along with going on with proper attention on studies and work as well.


We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


You can study in these well developed counties for almost free or no fees, for education best for Indian students and for all..