Now this Government authorized mobile app will solve all your health problems and will suggest you medicine according to your health related problem

The great news are coming is that The Indian Government is bringing a special Mobile APP that will bring good change the way the medical industry operates at very last and local consumer level. This will be a great step to be taken by the current Modi Government.


The special purpose of this APP by Government is to offer genuine and hygienic drugs and medicine at very cost effective, competitive and very cheap rates to the Indian citizens. ​The specialty of this Mobile APP is that as soon as you will enter the name (or little about) of the disease or problem or pain or like that you suffering from, it will promptly advise you with the exact perfect medicine you should take (also advised to consult your family doctor as well before consuming or using the medicine advised by this app). Not only that, this APP will also reflect those medicines along with the price tag too.This APP will also reflect the location where that particular medicine will be available in your city, and will also show yoo the name of the outlet or medical store where you can go and buy.


All in-detailed the information will also be available on this APP about the hygenity, quality and safety about the product and medicines that it will offer and or advise. ​


CEO and MD of Dept. Of Pharmaceuticals' body BPPI Mr. M D Kumar informed that this mobile app is being developed under the 'Pradhanmantri Jan Aushadhi Scheme' This app will be up for install and use by this August or September 2017. Anyone would be able to install this app on their android or iOS phone. The main purpose of the Govt, by launching this app is to make available the all types of medicine to the people of India at very cheap and competitive rates. ​


The useful features of this app is that you can see the list of different different medicines and advises that can be used on variety of decease or health issues. You will see an icon along with the name of any particular medicine also where you can check the rates also for that drugs and medicines before you buy them. Not only this, you will also come to know the rate gap difference between generic and branded medicines. You will also be able to see the 20 most famous and useful generic medicines that are easily available and effective for health as well. And along with the medicine name, you will also be able to know the entire details relating to that medicine that where it was produced, which company made it, expiry date and all the related information as prescribed by health department of India.






The major advantage of this mobile app is that it will also advise you that which medicine you should take in which type of health issues are you going on with. It will prescribe you medicine according to the exactly problem that you mentioned in it. For that there will be an option to fill up the detail about your health problem and you will have to write it there in that option available. As son as you guide the app with the problem, it will guide back to you with the perfect solution. It will also give you options of medicine in the list and with all type of detailed information will be attached with those each and every option, you will just have to select any one of it, choose it, and go and take that medicine and to live good health again. ​


After you decide the medicine, this app will give you information about who sells that medicine and it will also show you name or that medical store or outlet with location, map and also contact details, where you can reach easily and get it. You will have to just select the city and your location, and it will reflect all the outlets that are available nearby preferably and so on.Not only these, you can also know the in-detailed details about that particular medicine before you buy. It will show you which type of salt is used to make that particular medicine. And it will also reflect that which types of other medicines are available in the market which also use same amount of salt and techniques, because Govt believes that the quality of the Generic medicines must be in match with the branded medicines. So that you will also get information that apart from India, which countries of the world are using and granting these type of Generic medicines.


This APP will also ask you few details about yourself while you install it, It will ask you about your name, age, sex, weight, location , and whether you have any type of major or minor health problem or not, etc etc and it will store it for the future reference, so it can use this information while it advise you. You will need your login password whenever you enter into this app and it will always keep you update about any changes in app or in the world of medicines as well. Not only this, when it reflects any information or reports, you can also read and give feedback reports too on that article or so.​Initially this APP will have only 2 languages installed with it, viz. English and Hindi, and later the versions will going on updating it and more languages will be added to it. Hindi is installed in it so that especially rural people can use it easily.​You will also be able to share this app on social media like Facebook and Twitter etc also.


So you can share any information on your networks if you like anything on this app or you would like to know t=other people about the goodness and usefulness of this app. Government believes that by that the Generic medicines and JanAushadhi Scheme will automatically be promoted through people who are already using it. ​So guys, go and install this app, as soon as it will be launched, we will update you here.

We hope this article is helpful and useful for you. We will keep you posting and update on this topic.


Now this Government authorized mobile app will solve all your health problems and will suggest you medicine according to your health related problem