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What is trading time schedule for Indian Stock Markets?

There are many regional stocks exchanges in India, but 3 major exchanges are NSE, BSE and MCX.

The BSE And NSE openes for pre market order session at 9.00 AM IST and the main trading hours starts from 9.15 AM IST and closes at 3.30 PM IST. From Monday To Firday Except any in between Holidays.
The MCX timinns are :

The Agri Commodities, the timings are from 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM IST from MOnday To Friday. And Saturday the exchange allows Agri Commodity trading and timing schedule is from 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM IST The general commodity market opens from online trading at 10 AM and runs till 11.55 PM IST

Which websites or blogs are the best to follow for Indian and world stock markets knowledge, tips and targets etc..

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What are the best stock market tips, targets and study websites along with technical software or charting as well?

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Which websites rank the most actively traded stocks on NSE BSE etc on real time basis?

There are many wesbite that track Indian stock markets on real time basis and also provide real time data, lows highs, most active stocks for particular day etc.

You can have a look at :
There are lots of suchh website that you can find on There are lots of website who also provide real time and off line tips and targets for Indianand world stocks markets indices as well, for example you can visit

What are the AMO Orders and how and when can we place it

AMO orders. AMO stands for After Market Orders.

This is the best practice and option facilitated by stock exchange for its traders. For instance, if you think you remains busy during market hours, or say if you want to place orders in advance even before the market opens for trading on next day or early morning, or say you wish to place trades with ease, by taking lots of time thinking and doing study, it is for you.

You can place orders in advance time between market closing time today and opening time the next day. For example, from 3.30 PM today to 9.00 Am tomorrow. IN between this time line, you can place your buy sell trades in advance into the system. A broker can also place orders in their broker terminal on clients' behaalf, and individual client also can place order on their own using their online trading terminal or mobile trading or browser based login.
Generally, as per personal experince, you can place trades anytime between 4.15 PM to 8.59 AM for BSE NSE F&O. And once you place trade, it wil show as AMO order submitted. And as soon as market pre opens for trading at 9.00 AM, these same orders limits will be accepted by system, by exchange, and it will show as Orders Forwrded To Exchnage (F&O orders will go to the system only after makrte opens for tarding at 9.15 AM ).

If suppose, any limits or orders get executed during pre open, at 9.07 to 9.08 Am you will see Orders Executed.

What is the difference between Trading Account And Demat Account..

Trading Account can be opened with stock broker or banks that offers stock trading facilities. With Trading account, you can buy and sell stocks.

Demat Accout is like a bank account. When you buy a stock, it will be saved or say stored or say transferred or say deposited into your Demat account. And when you sell any share which are stored in your demat account, the depository gives shares back to you or your broker to pay the exchange.

What are the rights and obligations of the buyer seller of call put options in stock market..

Rights & Obligations of Call Option Buyer

* Buyer pays primium
* Buyer has right to exercie and buy shares
* Make profit if the price goes up * Loss is limited but gain is unlimited

Rights & Obligations of Call Option Seller

* Seller receives premium
* He has obligation to sell shares if exercised * He earns profit from price fall or by staying neutral * Loss is unlimited but profit is limited Rights & Obligations of Put Option Buyer

* Buyer pays right to exercise and sell shares * He earns profit from falling price * Loss is limited but gain is unlimited
Rights & Obligations of Put Option Seller

* Seller receives premium * He has obligation to buy shares if exercised * He earns profit from rising in price or by staying neutral * Loss is unlimited but profit is limited

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